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Closet Organization Tools

One of the style prompts for January has been to wear something in your closet a different way. But, it's hard to get creative in the closet if things are disorganized. Or, if it doesn't feel like a very inviting place to spend time.

If re-organizing your closet has been on your to-do list, I've put together a catalog of some of the tools and accessories I find useful in either my own or my client's closets to help make sense of and better present what's there. I've covered everything from hangers to accessory storage to garment care.

View the catalog here.

Once you have tackled organization, you may want to look into beautifying the space a little bit. If you haven't read my previous blog post on how to "boutique" your closet you can read that here for a little inspiration.

Need a little help organizing your space? My Ultimate Closet Edit is the perfect service to get things back on track.

Once you have organized your closet and made it more functional (and pretty!), my hope is you will be so much more excited about getting in there and create new outfits with what you already have. I'd love to know how it goes...



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