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Closet Confessions: Shoes

# of shoes owned vs how many actually get worn...

We can learn a lot about ourselves when we get in the closet and dig deep. Hence: closet confessions!

Taking stock of what we have, what we aren't wearing, and noting any gaps in the wardrobe helps ensure a well-organized space full of items that are not only loved, but that also suit lifestyle needs. Footwear is one of those areas where it's easy to lose track of how many pairs one has, especially if they live in different areas of the house!

Note: At this time, I don't plan to move out all of the shoes that I'm currently not wearing. There are quite a few that I LOVE and wore frequently pre-COVID, but they just don't suit my current lifestyle (but I do envision wearing in the future - it'll happen!).

But, like anyone, there are some I've hung onto thinking "I might wear these one day" and the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Time to edit them out.

Here is what I came up with in my tally:


Sneakers: 4 (need to edit out 1 "loved-to-death" pair, but wear the other 3)

Runners: 2 (will keep, but need a new pair - both don't have much pep left)

Rain/snow footwear: 3 (wear all)

Heels/wedges: 10 (yikes, that seems like a lot especially for someone who claims she doesn't really wear heels! While I am not wearing at the moment, there are about 5 pairs - mainly block heels (I do love a block heel - I should have clarified and said I am not a stiletto person) or a wedge that I wear fairly regularly either out or to work, a couple other pairs are for special occasions and the rest I need to seriously consider moving out of the closet).

Boots (ankle or tall): 7 (1 pair feels outdated, 4 pairs I wear very regularly in Fall/Winter and there are a couple of dressier pairs).

Flats/Loafers: 3 (currently wearing these on rotation due to work from home - this could be where I consider investing in another pair of shoes...)

Sandals: 6 (2 neutral versatile pairs, 2 dressier and 2 I rarely wear - this count is interesting as every Summer I feel I am in search of the perfect sandal.).

Flip flops: 2 (mainly for beach, travel or pedicures - wear both)

Given my current lifestyle, I am wearing primarily sneakers and flats or loafers on rotation so if I decide to add something new to my wardrobe in the realm of footwear it would be some form of flat shoe (that I could wear for work or casually, or a new running shoe). I do need to weed out of my closet some heels that I have had for years that I just never wear as I have others I prefer. A couple have sentimental value (such as: the red Fly heels I wore when I received my Master's degree), that I may tuck away to a different part of the closet.

So total inventory of shoes I own: 37 pairs. The ones I actually wear (or envision myself wearing again): 26 AND currently around 13 that suit my day-to-day lifestyle needs. But, I will soon be going back to in-person teaching in the upcoming weeks, so some of my favourites will start to see the light of day again!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? What are you wearing on rotation, and what may need another look? It's so amazing when what is in your wardrobe suits your lifestyle, feels like you and consists of what you love and are excited to wear.

There's never any judgement, so...if you are willing to share your numbers, I'd love to hear! And more importantly, did you learn anything interesting or new after completing this process?


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