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Beat the heat - in style

My typical Summer wardrobe did not prepare me for the intense heat we experienced here last Summer. Before our Spring Break trip to Hawaii, I added a couple of new pieces that I knew would serve me well both for travel and the occasional scorcher at home.

Fabrics that serve particularly well in hot weather:

Linen: We are seeing linen everywhere this season. I've just added a pair of wider leg linen pants to my wardrobe that are easy to dress up or wear casually to the beach or pool. I haven't always loved the wrinkled look of linen, but I've come around because it is just so easy to wear and feels so great. Note: if you are a denim lover (like me!), you may want to consider chambray as an option in the warmer weather. It's typically light blue in colour giving the vibe of denim while being much lighter weight. Chambray can be made from either linen or cotton.

Cotton: Cotton is so breathable (and versatile - can be dressed up or down) making it a perfect choice for Summer dressing. Be sure to check the label to make sure it isn't a synthetic fabrication - it won't breathe like 100% cotton.

Seersucker: This is technically a member of the cotton family. It is thin and fabulously lightweight. The puckered aspect to it makes it easy to wear like linen. I just purchased a seersucker set (skirt and top) that I am so excited to wear multiple ways this Summer!

I've put together an inspiration catalog with lots of options from dresses, shorts, tops, and jumpsuits - I've got you covered!

Need help figuring out your Summer wardrobe? My virtual Shop Your Closet or Month of Style will set you up to beat the heat, in style.


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