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Ballet Flats in 2023

Ballet flats are a timeless shoe, but are having a real moment. If your style personality leans classic or feminine you may already have several pairs in your wardrobe. And, if you love this style - this could be the right time to refresh as there are so many currently in stores.

The ballet flat was a go do shoe for me about 10-15 years ago. I wore them to work, casually and on vacation. Thinking back, they probably weren't as comfortable as I claimed they were as they tend to not offer a lot of support. So, if you are someone with a lot of foot issues - this could be a pass for you unless you find a specific brand catering to your needs.

If, like me, you have a few pairs still hanging around your closet but want to know how to style them in a way that feels more up-to-date, here is a little inspiration:

Pair with a current pant silhouette:

In the height of my ballet flat phase, I typically wore them with a skinny jean or trouser. It's no secret that silhouettes are leaning away from skinny to more straight, wide or flared.

Note: make sure that the hem doesn't pool if wearing a flared or bootcut jean with ballet flats. The hem should just hit the top of your foot.

Straight leg, ankle cropped jeans work very well with a ballet flat.

Pair with modern, classic wardrobe staples:

While ballet flats can have a delicate vibe, they pair very well with tailored or minimalistic wardrobe staples. So many style personalities can incorporate them if it is a style of interest.

Pair with midi length/skirts:

The ballet flat does often give off a youthful feeling (maybe because you have to be young to wear a shoe with such little support?). To give some added sophistication, try pairing with midi lengths.

Image sources: Pure Wow & Who, What, Wear

Tip: Make the shoe fit - you!

Keen to wear this shoe style, but feel it doesn't align with your style personality? If you are a more creative style type, opt for bold colours and patterns. If you lean more edgy, look for a pair with stud or zipper details. Trust me, there is a pair out there for everyone. It's so important to stay true to your own personal style.

If any of the ballet flats in the header image caught your eye, info and links can be found here.


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