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Are you a 1-look Wonder?

We talk a lot about personal style, style personalities and style archetypes. Did you also know there are 7 style types? In my recent class with leading image expert, Carla Mathis, I was introduced to these descriptors. Through her work with countless clients, Carla realized that, due to a number of factors; people often fall into one of these 7 types in where they are at with their style.

If you haven't had a chance to complete the quiz yet - take it here!

Good news - once you learn where you are at, with the right support, it's easy to move through these various types and reach our ideal style and goals.

Interestingly, many of the results I've received are the type that reflects a very common problem many of my clients face. This type is: The 1-Look Wonder.

When I am working with clients on their wardrobe, often they are in the habit of wearing the pieces in their closet the same way. Usually the way it was shown to them in the store.

While I am all for a style uniform (which can make getting dressed much easier), it can be easy to fall into a style rut if you aren't mixing up what's in your wardrobe.

Here are some common traits of the 1-look wonder:

~ end up buying the same or very similar outfits every time shops (lots of multiples in the closet!)

~ don't go for much variety in my wardrobe and wear the same look a lot

~ have found 1 or 2 looks that feel confident in, but that's it

~ neglect most of the closet and wear the same few outfits or pieces most of the time

When working with my clients who align with this style type, the goal is to add variety to their go-to style uniform. I teach the importance of learning how to style garments at least 3 ways. And, encourage this mindset to be on the radar when purchasing something new in the future to move away from the tendency of only wearing what's in the closet one way. Over time (and with practice playing around creating outfits with what's already in your closet) this mindset becomes second nature and moves you away from the 1-look wonder.

You can absolutely get dressed according to a formula! But, the goal is to mix up pieces and play with either colour, print, texture or accessories to add variety to your looks.

Need help mixing up what's already in your wardrobe to move beyond the 1-look Wonder? My Shop Your Closet virtual styling is a good first step to adding some more creativity to your everyday looks. Bonus: the digital lookbook received with this service is always such a hit (my clients get addicted to it!). It helps you see what you have in a new way and gives so many options beyond the go-to look.


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