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Accessories - Polish off and add personality to a look

Having a few go-to accessories you love and that truly feel like you is the quickest way to complete even the most simplest of outfits. In a snap, you infuse personality, interest and dimension.

The accessory of choice is up to you - here are just a few to consider:

- necklaces: you could either do statement or try layering a few thin ones!

- bracelets or cuffs

- rings (again these can be statement or stacked)

- scarves (silk, infinity, blanket, triangular...)

- belts

- hair accessories

- hats

- sunglasses

- handbags and purses

I don't have a huge accessory wardrobe, but definitely have my go-to pieces such as my watch, leather cuff, earrings (diamond studs, silver hoops and leopard statement pair are in frequent rotation), sunglasses, and my pendant time-piece necklace shown above. These all have earned their cost-per-wear and truly feel like me.

There are certainly more accessories in my collection (scarves, necklaces etc.). But, having a few tried-and-true ones that I can easily add to whatever I am wearing to round off and step up my looks without having to give it much thought...makes getting dressed that much easier. Which really is the whole point!

Accessories are going to be included as one of the November style prompts. I hope you will be encouraged to play with what you already have, or maybe get creative and wear something in a new way! Of course I'll be sharing tips and inspiration along the way...

I would love to know the accessories you have on constant rotation and that truly feel like you!


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