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5 Wearable Trends This Fall

The teacher-librarian in me loves research. And when it is style related? All the better! I have scoured websites, articles, magazines, Instagram and Facebook and have rounded up 5 key trends this season...all of which, I feel, are very wearable (ie: not too fashion-y). And, most importantly, will serve us well beyond their days of being the "of the moment" thing.

My philosophy with trends is: if you see something you love and don't already have it hanging in your closet, it makes sense to consider adding as you will be keeping your wardrobe modern with something that already makes you smile! Kind of a win/win - if it aligns with your budget, style personality, lifestyle etc.

Here is a round up of just some of what you'll be seeing out there this Fall. I always tell my clients that a complete outfit has some combination of basic and interest pieces and that the interest can be found through either: print, colour, texture, shine or silhouette. The interest options are well represented this season!

Trend #1: Dark Florals

I love the richness of these midnight inspired florals. They feel so fresh for Fall, but will carry through the other seasons beautifully. A floral print can serve as the key interest factor in a look, or can be mixed with other prints. Stripes and floral are a traditional pairing - and work together easily. Great for a first step in to print-mixing. Right now we are seeing lots of leopard and dark floral combos which I am loving!

Trend #2: Leopard Print

Leopard has been huge for a while now and I am so glad it will continue to be hi-lighted this Fall. Actually, all animal prints will be trending, so if others are in your wardrobe...this is the time to pull them out! Snakeskin prints are also currently in the limelight. Leopard is such a classic print and can serve as a staple in any wardrobe. Just ready to dip your toe in? Start with an accessory such as a belt, bag or shoe. Take it a bit further? Pair one piece such as a skirt or jacket with neutrals (either with black, cream, blush etc.). Feeling more bold? Wear a bright hue (they are trending this season as well - read on) with your animal print. Next level? Experiment with print mixing: dark florals, stripes, or plaid.

Trend #3: Suiting

Plaid in the Fall doesn't seem revolutionary and suiting pieces are a classic. So if you want to feel on trend, without being too edgy - this one's for you! Suiting will be everywhere this season. Pick your favourite colour or is all going to be out there. Double breasted or single, short or long. Want to take it up a style notch? Add a belt to one of your longer jackets for added personality and dimension.

Trend #4: Bold Hues

Brights and neons continue to be everywhere this Fall (we saw them a lot in Spring/Summer) - and they add such a boost of energy and overall feel of happiness (especially when the days become dark). You can choose to wear these hues as a statement; or as just a little pop through accessories. If you want to go bright, but these feel too bold...why not think about incorporating jewel tones this season? Flattering on so many skin tones...

Trend #5: Leather/Faux Leather

This season we'll be seeing lots of leather/faux leather in a wide range of hues (from reds, earthy tones, jewel tones...) and garment type: dresses, blouses, skirts, pants in addition to (yet still including) the classic standby jacket. '90s trends are big at the moment, and I am kind of having a Ross Geller Friends throwback moment to the late nineties when I purchased a pair of pleather pants. Personally, I don't know if I can re-visit pants myself...but I think with new technologies the comfort level could be much improved. I love the richness and the depth leather can add to an outfit. I have two skirts (one shorter pale blue A line and a midi length red pleather - both of which I will be wearing in frequent rotation this Fall). This trend may feel like the edgier of the roundup, however, if you find a leather piece in a classic silhouette it will serve you well over time. And will just feel (and look) that much more interesting.

Remember to always shop your closet first and play around with new and fun combinations this season. The nice thing about trends is you can pick and choose what speaks to you/take them or leave them. This is one particular season where there are several I am excited to embrace (and actually have already hanging in my closet!).

Need a little inspiration? I've sourced out a few finds here.


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