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Defining your style - part one

I am so excited to introduce you to Kerri of Little Nest Design, an interior decorator located here in North Vancouver. She specializes in helping families create beautiful, stylish and functional homes and offers several packages depending on the level of service her clients are needing - very much like myself!

Kerri and I connected over a Target bag. Last year, while both on vacation with our families in Maui, we ended up at the same group BBQ station. Kerri's Target shopping bag caught my eye which instantly sparked conversation. Turns out, we both live in North Vancouver and have our own blogs and businesses that offer services pertaining to style. Kerri - interior decor and me - personal style.

Over several chats, coffees and delicious treats, we quickly came to realize so many parallels in the tips, trends and techniques we share when it comes to dressing yourself or your space.

Hence - this collaboration was formed (and we are so excited about it!). In an instant, we had a list of ideas that address both realms. But, the best place to start is always at the beginning: in this case - defining your style. This topic is the basic foundation of the work we do with our clients.

I am excited to delve in. It's a big one so we thought it best to tackle it over 2 posts so not to give information overload.

Why Is It Important to Define Your Style?

Kerri -

One of the most important aspects of creating a home that you love is to figure out your style. I have been figuring out my style, mostly by trial and error, for many years now. It wasn't until I read Emily Henderson's book "Styled" that I really came to understand how to define personal style and what mine was!

Once you define your style, it makes decorating your home and building your wardrobe so much easier. To quote Emily Henderson, "trying to decorate your house before you understand your style would be like going on a trip to a secluded cabin without any address, directions or GPS. Sure, you might eventually make it there, but not some really terrifying things have happened. Most likely, you'd just give up!".

So aside from creating a home that you truly love and that feels like a reflection of your personality, another reason it's important to define your style is that it will end up saving you money. Have you ever experienced buyer's remorse? I know I have! It's one thing when you buy a T-shirt from Target that doesn't feel totally "you" which you then pass along to your younger, hipper sister (hi Jenn!). But what about when you buy a piece of furniture or some home decor that doesn't suit your style? Not such an easy mistake to correct, speaking from experience.

Lori -

When I am working with clients, one of the major goals identified is the desire to feel pulled together, stylish, yet in an efficient and effortless manner. We all want to look like we tried when getting dressed, but without having to put in too much time!

The best place to start is to really hone in on your style aesthetic. Once you've figured this out, your wardrobe will start to feel more cohesive and really reflect who you are and your current stage of life. This is what I like to call: the art of's the fun part!

"I don't have a style..."

Lori -

Many people tell me that they don't have a natural sense of style when it comes to getting dressed. Usually, I find this isn't the case. Most likely, they just haven't given it much thought or taken the time to figure it out. We all have likes and dislikes when it comes to clothing as well as unique personalities. The perfect place to start.

Kerri -

Both Lori and I have heard this from our clients and we both feel this is not true. As Emily Henderson says, "if you have a personality, you have a style!". The other side of the coin is that you might be like me and are drawn to many different styles. It's certainly one thing to admire a certain style and another to love it in your own home. For example: I love the look of a coastal Boho styled home, but it doesn't work for me in my personal space. The thing to keep in mind is that when you are defining your style, you don't have to commit to one strict style and forgo everything else. Blending a few styles together is actually my goal when decorating because that is what makes a room really interesting and I think the can be said for your wardrobe.

Final thoughts....

So we have covered why defining your style is important as well as the fact that you probably do have a style waiting to be uncovered. In our next post we will provide steps and activities to help gain a deeper understanding of your style (both in your space and in your clothing).

In the meantime, here is a lightening round of words to consider to get those creative juices flowing...

Think about your personality and answer the following questions without giving it much thought. Am I:

Formal vs Casual

Modern vs Vintage

Colourful vs Neutral

Minimal vs Eclectic

Simple vs Complicated

Bold vs Subtle

Preppy vs Edgy

Do you find it easier to style yourself or your home? We'd love to know your thoughts on this topic or any questions you may have for us to answer in upcoming posts.

Lori & Kerri

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