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Simple Style - how to be comfortable and elevate your look with ease

Style does not need to be complicated, in fact, it really can be quite simple (and comfortable). My goal is try try and help people figure out some easy formulas to get out the door feeling fabulous, pulled-together and confident without putting in a ton of time.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can elevate your look through layering on some interest pieces over basics:

1) Start with a foundation of comfortable, well fitting basics.

In the image above, I am wearing a T-shirt and jeans. This is something that you could easily be wearing around the home. In this case, I opted for a more fashion-y T-shirt that has some shoulder detail. I think this enables the outfit to work pretty well on its own in a pinch. But, you don't need any embellishments in this stage: just the basics.

2) Add a shoe

If you are leaving the house, this step is clearly necessary. If you are doing something more casual, a simple sneaker can do the trick and is super stylish and on trend. Want to step it up a notch? Opt for a dressier shoe that has either colour, print, texture or shine. Automatic interest to the look.

3) Add a layer

For my more casual look, I added my camo cargo jacket. It's got interest through the print and piping details. Comfortable, easy, but looks like I made an effort. In the dressier look, I opted for my metallic moto jacket. Still comfy, but adds a little wow factor to the basics.

Note: as the weather gets warmer, you can add dimension to a look by pairing a tank or cami underneath a top or blouse rather than adding a warmer layer.

4) Accessorize

I just have my go-to hoop earrings with both of these looks. Adding a necklace, cuff, earrings or a statement ring adds personality to what we wear. In the dressier look, I have also added a printed purse (and have blended stripes and florals in the shoe and bag for a little playful element).

Keep in mind, these looks reflect my personal style, taste and body type. But, follow the formula and come up with something that is as equally easy and most definitely - you.

For more ideas on simple style be sure to check out the guest post I did on Gameface titled "How To Simplify Your Style (& Get Ready Faster!).

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