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What's Trending This Spring

I am so excited that the days have finally come where we can pack those heavy layers and coats away.  Did I mention that I had put away my winter boots and warmest winter coats a few weeks ago, only to have to bring them out again when we were hit with another round of snow?

They are now stored away, and I am pretty sure we are in the clear.

I know you have heard me say this many times, but I think it is important to say it again since I am writing a post about trends.

We don't need to dress according to trends. 

However, it is important that we keep our looks modern and current.

This may sound a little backwards following my statement that you don't need to dress according to trends but, hear me out.

We live in a very visual society and what we wear speaks (like it or not).  If we continue to wear the same things year after year without incorporating any new trends (silhouettes, prints, hues, fabrications etc.), we will look outdated.  If our style is dated - people can mistakingly assume that we are behind the times in other areas of our lives as well, even when that is so far from the truth.  

We need to look like we are participating in modern society.

Keeping up on what is on trend can help.  And, my job as a personal style consultant is to ensure my clients wear pieces the love, feel comfortable and confident in, but that they also look pulled together and current.

My advice always is:  infuse a trend when you see one you love.  This way you are organically keeping your wardrobe modern while wearing something that you are drawn to naturally.  Rather than trying to update the wardrobe by buying a bunch of random trends.

Here is a roundup of some things that are trending this Spring that I recently shared in my Insta stories:


Animal inspired prints are classic and will always be fashionable, but this year they have been huge.  Leopard dominated in the Fall and is still very prevalent.  That trend resonates with me and I have donned a lot of leopard recently.  Like leopard, snakeskin serves as a wonderful neutral and combines well with so many colours;  pastels, neutrals and bold.  This trend can easily be infused through accessories:  shoes, bags or earrings or in garments such as blazers, dresses, jumpsuits or skirts.

Statement Shoulders:

I am also enjoying this trend at the moment - I love how playing with a new silhouette can make your wardrobe suddenly feel so fresh and modern.  Shoulder detailing, puffs, ruffles and bell sleeves have all had a comeback.  I am so excited about this new t-shirt I picked up last week. Very comfortable and basic with a hint of style.  

Shades of Sunshine:

You  know how some pieces of clothing just bring back the best memories?  One of my all time favourite pieces over the years was my bright yellow Fame jumpsuit I wore back in Grade 5.  Just thinking about it makes me smile.  Yellow has always been one of my favourite colours, it just has that happy, positive vibe.  I read recently that mustard (or shades of yellow) is the new black.  You'll be seeing it everywhere.  So, if it also makes you smile, this could be a trend for you.  Remember to always think about how colours work on your skin tone.  If you adore a piece but it doesn't illuminate or bring out your best features, try incorporating it in a pant, skirt, shoe, bag - just not right next to your face.  But, if you love this, there is definitely a way to make it work!


When I first started seeing these on all of the style blogs and in my Instagram feed, I did not think this is a trend I'd ever embrace.  Which is ok, as all trends aren't for everyone.  But, my mind has changed as I think this can be a comfortable and stylish shoe option to pair with jeans, trousers, dresses or skirts.  They come in such a range of colour and prints and, if you aren't into heels, this can be an alternative stylish shoe choice.  I think they are going to be around a while as they started to become popular last Spring and they are all over the stores this season.


While "Living Coral" was deemed Pantone's colour of the year, it's not just coral that is trending this season.  All shades of orange are having a moment. From burnt to bright there is something for everyone.  I am enjoying both yellow and orange and am seeing this hue dominating stores at the moment.  Remember to find the right shade for your skin tone if wearing next to your face.

Where to find them:

Stores like H&M, Joe Fresh, Old Navy and Zara are carrying all of these trends at really affordable prices.  Or, if one speaks to you and you feel you will love it over time, feel free to spend a little more for a piece that will serve you well over the years.

I laugh when I look at this opening picture of myself as I always say we shouldn't dress head-to-toe in trends, and here I am head-to-toe in a coverall jumpsuit (another on trend item).  I picked mine up at Joe Fresh and sometimes it is just fun to have an of-the-moment fashiony piece as long as it doesn't break the bank.

I'd love to know what trends you are keen to try this season!

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