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My "Make it 'til it's Spring" Finds

 I can’t remember this month whether the groundhog actually saw his shadow - there are usually conflicting reports due to several well-known groundhogs.  Nevertheless, it is pretty clear that we are in the midst of some chilly and unpredictable weather for the foreseeable future.

While I always advocate shopping with a plan with the goal of building a thoughtful, cohesive wardrobe; as the winter drags on, it's important to treat ourselves in small ways.  If not, we can easily get frustrated and drop money mindlessly in order to get out of a rut.  We've all been there.  

I've sourced out some finds for a little inspiration.  Sometimes infusing something new is all we need to keep that creativity flowing when it comes to getting dressed, and put a some spring in our step as we wait for Spring. 

Click here to view the full catalog.  Hopefully this will inspire and give you permission to treat yourself over the next few weeks (even if it is just a small cosmetic item or candle).  I've also included some style tips and trends in the notes for each item.  

Would love to know if any of these catch your eye!

Click here to view the full catalog of finds.  Iinfuse a new colour or silhouette into your daily rotation.  Either way, I have you covered.  I 

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