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February Finds

It is hard to believe that we are already into the month of February...January has flown by and I still haven't done the konMari method on my drawers (but my closet is nicely edited and organized!).

With family day and Valentine's/Galentine's happening this month, it definitely is a time of year where love (romantic or not) is highlighted!

Pink and red are traditionally associated with Valentine's, and it is particularly fitting this February as these shades continue to have a big style moment.

You'll see these colours prevalent on TV, in magazines, in shops and on the street. From brights to very pale, it's all very current and they combine well together as they are part of the same colour family. Don't forget about burgundy which is a lovely rich neutral that also works with pinks and reds. Lilac will continue to be big this Spring and would also fall into this collection.

If you play around with these hues you will find they go surprisingly well together. Brights with brights is a winning combo (likewise as is pale with pale), however, you can also mix lighter and darker shades together. Or, let these pieces stand alone with your other neutrals or hues. Shop your closet and you may find some interesting and fabulous pairings.

Image sources above: Harper's Bazaar Australia, in Style and Aritzia

If you find a hue that you love but that might not flatter your skin tone, remember you can wear it as an accessory or in a pant or skirt. Just be careful that the hues you wear next to your face make you look your best. Wearing the wrong tones can make us look tired, pale and even a little ill. We certainly want to veer away from that! There are lots of ways to test if a shade flatters, but the quickest is to stand in a well-lit room and hold the garment up to your face. You will easily be able to see if it brightens your skin tone and eyes.

I've rounded up a collection of lovely pieces that are in shops now - click on the catalog link to below. These pieces would add instant interest to the wardrobe but are versatile enough to have multiple styling options (which is always on my radar when considering purchasing something new).

As always, please reach out if you have any questions on how to style something that is already in your wardrobe; or how to combine something new with what you already have. And if you need a little support figuring out which shades flatter you best - I'd love to help with that too!


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