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Shopping my closet for festive looks

This will be my first Christmas away from home. In a few weeks we will be jetting off to spend the holidays with my husband's family in Perth, Australia. Because we'll be away, I've hopped on board the festive train early this year and have been trying to take in some festive events around the city (and have several planned over the next few weeks). Because there are no fancy functions on my calendar this season (ie.: no cocktail dress required), I didn't need to come up with a dressier holiday look. Instead of buying something new to wear, I decided to shop my closet and was amazed how many cozy, yet holiday inspired outfits I was able to pull together.

I am certain there are many combinations waiting in your closet as well! Here are a few tips based on what worked for me to help inspire you on your own closet shopping mission...

Take a good look at your closet and pull out anything that feels festive:

The first pieces that caught my eye were my plaid skirt (plaid always feels like Christmas), my sequin skirt, and my white cozy sweater and teddy jacket. As you can see from my combinations above, these pieces were repeated in many looks. While I wear most of these items throughout the fall/winter (not just holiday), when I combine them with other festive inspired garments, or something shiny they give off a new vibe.

Pull out your shimmer and shine:

You've probably figured by now, that I love shine and will wear it year round. That being said, this is the time to look through the closet and pull out those items that sparkle. For me, it was my sequin skirt, rose-gold metallic and silver sparkle heels, or my bold gold statement necklace. Pair these pieces with denim or a chunky knit sweater and you get that cozy, yet holiday look.

Texture adds interest:

I am so often drawn to colour and print in my wardrobe. That being said, texture is another fabulous way to add impact. My embroidered mini-skirt, the sequin skirt, lace embroidered top, grey knit top with pearls, the teddy bear knits and the faux leather skirt all add some depth and dimension to a look. Look for interesting textures in your wardrobe and pair them with other basics and some bold accessories.

Pair dressy with casual:

This guideline applies year round but also works very well for the festive season. Chunky sweaters with fancier skirts (or over a dress), heels or metallic flats with jeans, moto jacket over a dress etc. all create a pulled-together look without appearing one tried too hard. Also, I do think people appreciate seeing everyday items dressed up in new ways!


You do not need to break the bank (and shouldn't) to add something new and sparkly to your wardrobe. Stores like Zara and H&M have incredible statement earrings and necklaces for extremely reasonable prices. Or, try a pair of festive tights to jazz up a look. A few years ago, a girlfriend gave me a pair of Kate Spade earrings that look like Christmas bells. These are simple, but I pull them out every season and they instantly make whatever I am wearing feel festive.

Click here to check out some of my cheap and cheerful festive picks:

I would love to know your go-to pieces this holiday season. Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or need a little inspiration to remix the items in your closet.

Enjoy this time of year with friends and family!

Lori xo

PS: My next task is to take a long hard look at my closet and pull out anything that feels festive, yet wearable in the heat of an Australian summer. I'll definitely take some photos of my Christmas Eve pool party look - which won't be any of these :)

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