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Colours of Fall

The Pantone company is known for being the authority on all things colour. They make color predictions on the hues that are going to dominate each season.

Not surprisingly, every year some form of burgundy (which I absolutely LOVE) makes its way into the Fall lineup. Everything about this rich hue oozes Autumn. Also, it serves as a fabulous quasi-neutral. If you are someone who gets nervous at the thought of colour and prefer to stick to shades such as grey, cream, black etc.; burgundy mixes so well with all the neutrals yet elevates through adding more depth and interest...without stepping too far outside the comfort zone.

This season, Pantone deemed "Red Pear" one of the top colours of the season. Perhaps it's just a fancy way of saying Burgundy - but with a hint more red. I am loving it and would recommend incorporating a little of this in your wardrobe if you haven't already - combines well with so many other colours and prints and flatters many skin tones.

But, this Fall other colours worth taking note of are: mustard, burnt orange, dusty rose along with a wide range of reds. I am loving the mustards and oranges, but they don't flatter my skin tone. If that is also the case for you (and you are drawn to them as am I), why not consider incorporating them in an accessory such as a bag or shoe? If these hues flatter you and you enjoy them, now is definitely the time to scoop up something to combine with the pieces you already love and wear.

Click here for a sampling of what is out there at the moment that has caught my eye - I would also love to know which hues speak to you :)


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