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Wedding Guest Style

Yesterday, Mike and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. We went back to Nita Lake lodge for the weekend and basked in relaxation, delicious meals, amazing views and wonderful memories. We sat on our deck and watched another wedding in progress (but I have to say I far preferred our decor as Bespoke Decor and Nutmeg and Gray really went above and beyond for us - as. you can see pictured above). While we were reminiscing, we decided to scroll through our photos (we also hit the jackpot with Bake Photography). As we went through them, what also caught my eye was, how incredibly fabulous our guests looked.

I am often asked, "What should I wear to a wedding?". I've pulled a couple of pics here to illustrate a few things to keep in mind when planning your outfit.

1) Colour

I loved how much colour was at our wedding. The vibrancy of these outfits shown on the left is so eye-catching. And don't they look fabulous together? In the top right, I love how my new niece wears this bold hue and it compliments so nicely alongside her mum's bright florals. My aunt shown in the bottom right looked so lovely in this soft blue. It is such a welcoming colour (just like her!) and it works so beautifully with her skin tone. If you work colour into your look, you've already raised your style game.

My cousin in the image below is a wonderful example of how to dress if you are expecting. The rich jewel tone is so flattering and the embellishment at the neckline draws the eye up to her gorgeous face/smile. I also love that the tie cinches in just above the bump. Beside her, my aunt, is an example of how colour blocking is so eye catching. It's technically not colour, but black and white are such a contrast that they always make a statement yet are classic at the same time.

2) Prints

Prints are always eye catching and an easy way to add style and interest to an outfit. There was lots of floral as shown here (it's just so summery!), but our wedding guests ran the gamut of floral, geometric, stripes and polka dots. I love how in the top right these prints also have some embroidery detail which continues to be very modern and on trend.

3) Interesting cuts or shape

If you aren't opting for bold colour or print; style can often be found in the shape or cut of a garment. I love the ruffle detail and off the shoulder sleeve in the dress on the left. In the bottom right, the neckline on this dress is everything - it flatters her beautifully and is simple, classic but with a modern twist (I wish I had a photo of the entire dress - it was'll just have to trust me!). My bridesmaids (top right) selected their own dresses. They kept to the same designer and a complimentary colour palette so it was a cohesive look, but I love how each wears a style that suits their personal style/taste and shape. Bridesmaids no longer need to match - I think it is often more modern and interesting when they don't...

I am also loving that midi and maxi length dresses are very much back in style as I think they work beautifully for a wedding as they have such a romantic feel.

Mother of the Groom:

Mother of the groom or bride outfits can be tricky. I thought Mike's mum looked stunning. I loved this metallic shade as well as the texture and sheen to the dress. We found this on-line at Nordstrom. It received many rave written customer reviews from people who had also purchased it, and did not disappoint. She was also able to loan it to a friend for her son's wedding after our event. We felt pretty good about that!

A final note:

I love that Mike purchased his own suit (that he's worn a few times since) and I was really happy with my dress - which I clearly haven't worn again, but it's making up for its lack of "cost-per-wear" from the enjoyment I receive from the photos and memories.

I also think our guests planned their footwear well - as the dance floor was rocking! So fun.

Do you have any weddings to attend this summer? What are you wearing? You can always send me a photo, I'd love to see it!


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