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Kiss & Makeup Style Event Recap

I was so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate recently with Kiss and Makeup, a local boutique. Not only is the space set up beautifully, it is filled with so many things I love: stylish (yet functional) clothing, accessories, skincare, haircare, makeup, and lovely extras for the home (love their scented candles).

But, it's not just the product - the people in the shop that make the space so special - they are passionate about what's in store, but above that, they truly want to help you look and feel your best. Plus, they are very fun to spend time with - go hang out at the store for a'll see what I mean!

Before people arrived, I was so lucky that Rachel (the amazing store manager) offered to do my makeup. If you ever have an event, or just want to experiment with new products, I highly recommend that this spot top your list - she's amazing - as is the product selection. Guaranteed - you'll also pick up some great tips and tricks!

The only challenging thing about giving a style talk in a place like this, is that there is so much to chat about - fortunately, after many additions and edits, I was able to restrain myself to one very full rack of clothing.

Here is a recap of just some of what we covered:

The Kondo and Capsule Wardrobe Philosophies: Incorporate Both!

In past blog posts, I've talked a lot about how Marie Kondo's konMari method has taken the world by storm this year as a result of the Netflix series launching on New Year's Day. It's an easy philosophy to get on board with, keep only what brings you joy and what serves you well.

Since Marie's book came out in 2012, I think we have all embraced this idea of "less is more", which is why the capsule wardrobe has also gained momentum these past years. The intent of a capsule wardrobe is to have fewer pieces of key, versatile (often neutral) basics that you can mix and match to serve your lifestyle in a multitude of ways.

I have visited a lot of closets in more role as personal style consultant these past few years, and I truly believe you need a combination of both philosophies. When the closet is overstuffed, it is confusing to get dressed. A functional wardrobe should have versatile, well-fitting basics in a neutral colour palette that suits your skin tone. These should be good quality and excellent fit to serve you well over time. But, we also need to have special pieces, those that bring us joy. When I say "special", I don't mean fancy. It's the pieces that add personality and interest to our wardrobes and help us express who we are to the world. This can either be in a few key garments, or in our accessories.

Boutique Your Space

I recently devoted an entire blog post to this one - if you missed it you can read it here.

I am not saying our closets need to be set up exactly like this beautiful shop, but they are places we need to spend time in every day so taking a little inspiration can certainly go a long way when it comes to our organization and overall feel we get in our own space.

Organically Incorporate Trends That You Love

You should never dress to be trendy. At its core, good style is about: proper fit, knowing what colours flatter you both, expressing your personality and taste through what you wear - feeling like you.

That being said, I do always love to share what is on trend each season on my blog, social posts and newsletter. Not because I think we need to dress to be trendy, but because I strongly believe we need to keep our look current and modern.

If, you notice a particular colour (ie: currently oranges, marigold, and mixing neutrals is huge), or print (animals prints continue to be trending and they are classic) catches your eye, it is a good time to consider adding something to your wardrobe as you will be keeping your look current - with something you naturally love and will continue to wear over time.

If adding interest through print and colour doesn't align with your style personality, another way you can experience a trend is through playing with a new silhouette. It is easy to get stuck in a rut of always wearing the same shape of clothing, so this can sometimes be the boost we need.

Currently, this paper-bag style pant is everywhere (it's also huge in shorts this summer) and will continue to be prevalent into Fall/Winter.

When thinking about trying a new trend in the form of a silhouette, remember, fit is key. The good news is: this style of pant is working for a lot of different body types. If you have curves, it hi-lights them . If you are straight, it can give the illusion of having more of a waist. If you are shorter waisted you should wear a pair that doesn't come up too high or have much excess fabric over the waistband. If you are petite, try a cropped version with a heel (as I am doing here), or opt for a more tailored cut. Need help? I'd be happy to point you in the right direction, and Kiss & Makeup currently have so many styles in both shorts and trousers in store - as do the majority of shops at the moment.

What to do if this look doesn't resonate with you? Leave it. There will be other trends that speak to you to help keep your look current.

I have to say, I absolutely adored this pink silk pair I picked up at the shop to wear to the event!

Sets - Can Add Impact & Versatility

Matching sets (either top and skirt, top and trouser, top and shorts) are also trending and can make an impactful outfit. They also offer versatility within the closet when broken apart.

When considering adding something new to the closet, always ask yourself: can I style it 3 ways? This way, when you get it home you will already have a plan on how the pieces will combine with what is already there and, hopefully increase the likelihood that they will get some good cost-per-wear.

Remember, you can always mix and match casual with dressy and vice versa when breaking up an outfit for modern and interesting looks.

Dresses, Jumpsuits and Rompers - One and Done

What I love about dresses, jumpsuits and rompers is you put them on and your outfit is basically done. If you can find one that is in a lovely hue with a print - you have automatically and easily taken your style game to the next level.

If you are long in the body, sometimes jumpsuits and rompers can be a trickier fit which is when a set can be a handy alternative (note: the navy piece I am holding here is part of a short set that looks like a one piece when worn together).

If prints aren't for you, look for easy ways to amp up the style factor of a "one and done" piece through a bold colour or interesting details in the fabrication (texture) or a feminine ruffle as shown in the dress above.

Capsule Wardrobe - Make It Your Own

At the outset, I talked about the notion of the capsule wardrobe - which I love. What I don't love, however, is that there are many recipes out there stating the "must have" garments in a capsule wardrobe.

Often during a Shop Your Closet session with a client, I will ask about certain garments that they have, but that they clearly never wear. The response usually is: well, I thought I had to have a black pencil skirt/blazer or crisp white button-up to have a well-rounded wardrobe.

The clothing in our closets needs to reflect us, our lifestyles, personality and taste. The list of capsule wardrobe pieces should serve as a guideline that we need to tweak in order to make our own. So it can serve us well and bring us joy. Plus, we don't all want to walk around wearing exactly the same thing!

Rather than a crisp white button-up yours may be a softer linen with a simple print for some personality, or a chambray shirt, or a silk one for layering. You see where I am going with this. Just be careful - there are no strict rules when it comes to style, wardrobe building, and getting dressed.

Well, not rules that can't be broken or adjusted to fit and flatter us best.

Don't Forget the Importance of Undergarments

One of the most important elements of your outfit isn't necessarily what people see, it's what you wear underneath. Never forget the importance and power of undergarments!

Because one of the key foundations of good style is proper fit, that all begins with what we choose to wear beneath our clothing. If the fit isn't right, our garments won't hang properly, or flatter us in the way clothing should. Wearing the right bra can actually make you look pounds lighter (but I will save my bra tips for a future post).

When I found these pants at the shop, I immediately knew I wanted to wear them for the event. The only drawback was, I was worried you would see an underwear line. During the try-on, I was wearing a nude seamless pair but a line was still apparent.

Rachel suggested a pair from their in-house line: The Mews (scalloped and seamless). I was a little skeptical that they would actually be completely invisible but felt they were worth giving a go.

Clearly they did the trick as I wore the pants (and underwear) to the event and felt comfortable and confident. They are my new favourite! At $13 a pair, I will definitely be building up my collection. You can shop them here.

No style event would be complete without some time to socialize, sip and shop!

I am so thankful for amazing friends who always come up to support.

Thanks again to Rachel and Heather (store manager and owner) for inviting me to take part in this event. If you aren't local - they also have an online store I would highly recommend checking out!

I'm excited to do more style events in the future - hope to see you there!

Lori xo

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